5 reasons YOUR video advert ISN’T working


5 Reasons why YOUR video advert ISN’T working.

You were being told 83 times every single day that video advertising is the best way to draw people in and make them buy your product / subscribe to your service / give you a hug – so you went ahead and hired someone to write and produce an advert for you.

You put it out there, and you sat waiting patiently for the views, the clicks and ultimately the money to come rolling in. You’re still sat waiting – but you’re a little less patient now.

So: WHY isn’t your video advert working? Here are 5 reasons I guarantee you’ve never even considered:

1 – You hired one person to write, produce, AND direct / shoot / animate.

Ever heard the phrase jack of all trades, master of none? When you’re producing an advert on a tight budget, it definitely pays to hire someone who can take care of ALMOST everything – it’ll save you time and money.

But your advert lives (or dies) on the strength of the idea, and the quality of the writing. A great script is the key to reeling the viewer in – so hire a writer who you know can consistently deliver.

2 – Your advert TOLD people your product was great, but it didn’t SHOW them.

This isn’t radio. Your advert doesn’t just need a great idea and some great words to bring that idea to life – it needs killer visuals to match, and all three need to work together seamlessly if you’re ever going to turn views into sales.

You need to hire a writer who can give you a creative treatment for both the visuals and the voiceover in one tightly written script.

3 – The advert doesn’t connect with you, your brand, or your brand’s voice.

Whatever you’re selling – your product, your service or even yourself – it’s already got a brand, and it’s already got a voice. Whether you crafted these deliberately, or they evolved over time as a happy accident – for your advert to work it needs to look, sound and feel like ‘you’.

Get this wrong, and you could alienate those who were previously brand-loyal. Get it right, and the advert will build upon everything you’re already doing well – and reel in the customers you want and need.

Make sure you hire a writer who’s willing to take the time to get to know you and your brand – and who has the flexibility to write in YOUR voice, not just their own.

4 – You ticked all the boxes – but you forgot to make it ENTERTAINING

Google ‘how to sell online’ and you’ll find millions of articles that offer up blueprints to ‘surefire success’. So you spend hours obsessing about your ‘sales funnel’, and planning your ‘tripwire video’.

Sure – all of that’s probably important. But you’re forgetting something even more crucial: your advert needs to be ENTERTAINING.

The best adverts are a joy to watch – especially for those in your target market – so make sure you hire a writer that gets that, and can deliver a script that entertains while it sells.

5 – You didn’t hire THIS GUY.

Why’s that point 5? Well – just ask one of my favourite clients: “When you hire Adam, you get so much more than just a writer – you get a creative collaborator who puts the work in to make sure he gets your brand, is full of ideas as to how you can push that brand forward, and knows instinctively how to craft visual scripts that both engage AND entertain”.

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